It's a chocolate donut on a Sunday morning...

and pancakes on Monday.

24 March 1984
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"I kinda want to be a big deal."

I say that in every online profile I create. It still holds true. I've adopted a superhero persona. Perhaps the appeal is the fanfare although sometimes I really do imagine myself saving the world wearing a bright red cape with matching stilettos. In my own way, I think I do...

I am a second grade teacher. While I am not defined by my job, my job is defined by me. At heart, I'm just a big second grader myself. I do all sorts of crazy things for my class (think costumes, rotisserie chickens, murals, bugs, and "granny got back"). I also tend to spend far too much time at school or preparing for school but I am slowly working on that.

I'm a fairly liberal person and often an idealist. I'm not into the Republican Party but I am becoming more and more open minded about it. I dislike the feel of cotton balls and will do everything I can to avoid them. Q-tips are almost equally yucky. I am probably one of the nicest people you will meet and can easily get along with most anyone. I enjoy the simple things. I love to laugh...the kind of laugh that makes your stomach hurt. Cookies should always be soft in the middle. I'd love nothing more than to have someone write a song about me one day. Or maybe even a poem.

I own Mod Podge. I should be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I used to play the flute. It took me forever to get boobs. I'm a bit of a dork, but I disguise it better than I did in the past. I love “stripper shoes”. I want to publish a book or three. I want to believe the superhero persona I have created for myself. I kinda really do want to be a big deal.

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